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Veterans Affairs Clinical Labratory Addition (Richmond, VA)clinic lab.png

A new 18,400 square foot addition built out onto the roof of the second floor to accommodate the growing functions of the hospital's clinical labratory.  Departments included chemistry, histology, hematology, cytology, immunology, and microbiology.  Support spaces include a blood bank, refrigerated storage, and office space.  The stairwell was extended to service the new level and the corridor extended through the third floor to connect to the rest of the hospital.​

bldg 11.jpgHistoric Central Plant Renovation (Naval Station Great Lakes, IL)

A design-build adaptive reuse and historic renovation of a 110-year old facility on the National Registar of Historic Places.  Demolition work included removal of existing steam tubines, boilers, and co-generation equipment that had provided heating to over one hundred buildings on the installation.  The renovation coverted the space into offices, locker rooms/bathrooms, break room, workshops, and storage.  New windows were installed to match the original look.

hangar 9633 hef.jpgHangar 9633 HEF Fire Suppression Upgrades (Fort Carson, CO)

A design-build project to replace the existing wet-pipe sprinklers with a high-expansion foam fire suppression system.  A new addition was built to accommodate the new pumps and new water service entrance.  A new fire alarm and mass notification system was installed throughout the existing facility where the intelligibility requirements in the hangar bay were met by modeling the positioning of the speakers.

training rooms.pngBuilding 300 Training Rooms (Schriever AFB, CO)

​A design-build project to separate an existing open office space into two new training rooms for up to 8 students and an instructor in each.  The training rooms are accoustically separated from the adjacent office space and the new work required modifications to the existing ventilation, electrical, lighting, and fire suppression systems.  The project included all new finishes, furniture, and an interactive monitor wall connected to the instructor's work station.

elkhorn patio.jpgElkhorn Conference Center Patio (Fort Carson, CO)

A design-build project to repair the existing patio by replacement.  The new patio configuration defines gathering zones which are accented by colored pavement.  Existing trees were preserved by an encompassing planting bed that created privacy, shade, and protection.  A series of small bio-basins along the patio edge capture rainwater runoff and allow for ground infiltration.  Ornamental grasses and shrubs make use of the rainwater containment and infill between the trees.

Updated Render4x6.jpgDental Clinic Landscaping (Peterson AFB, CO)

​A design-build project that consists of the demolition of the existing temporary dental clinic and the construction of a new 16,665 SF dental clinic replacement facility​.  The dry rock creek ties the new dental clinic to the existing while providing a vehicle barrier.  The use of native grasses and efficient irrigation reduce the exterior water consumption by 50% in order to contribute to the project’s sustainability goals.  ​The project is LEED Silver (registered).

Asset 1.png​Command Room Renovation (Cheyenne Mountain AFS, CO)

The project involves the existing conference room and modifying it to dedicated workspace for 20 mission support specialists.  Design features include custom designed millwork workstations with built-in technology, raised access floor throughout, installing knowledge wall monitors, adding dedicated computer equipment to an existing catwalk, and modifying the mechanical service to address the additional heat load.​

Site Sustainment Master Plan (Colorado Army National Guard)Aurora P4.png

A State-wide site assessment and master planning project to develop sustainable applications for reducing landscape maintenance and water usage.  The effort involved on-site assessments, staff interviews, soils testing, detailed site analysis, and a half-day charrette conducted with the Colorado National Guard.  The study included a dozen sites equaling 176 acres varying from prairie, desert, mountain, and urban context.​

R8301_ws.jpgSCIF Room Interior Renovation (Cheyenne Mountain AFS, CO)

​A design-build project for an interior renovation of an existing Secure Compartment Information Facility (SCIF) within the Cheyenne Mountain complex.  The project included minor modifications to the room configurations, all new finishes to include static dissipative carpet on raised access floor systems, and upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems to comply with current mission-critical requirements.  The SCIF has been accredited for use.

iron horse park_ws.jpgIron Horse Park Improvements (Fort Carson, CO)

A design-build project to improve 6 acres of the existing community park that involved eliminating overhead power lines, installing a non-potable water irrigation system, improving storm water drainage, increase parking, improve site lighting, expand the running trail, and other additional park improvements to improve usability and accessibility.  Other features include a sand volleyball court, performance stage, and a decorative rock dry stream bed.

cab cep_ws.jpgCombat Aviation Brigade Central Energy Plant (Fort Carson, CO)

A design-build project included a new building to house additional hydronic boiler capacity to supplement the existing hot water boiler system located in the existing Combined Boiler Chiller Facility (CBCF).  The new facility provides space for the new mechanical, electrical, and telecommunication equipment and also included local building connections to be made at the Brigade Headquarters, Barracks, and the Airfield Control Tower.​​

each entrance_ws.jpgEvans Army Hospital Main Entrance (Fort Carson, CO)

A design-build project that involved the replacement of the existing revolving door with a new entry vestibule and sliding glass doors.  The new vestibule is constructed of aluminum-framed storefront and glazing that was designed to comply with Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection measures for blast mitigation.  The canopy was modified to move the columns away from the primary circulation path and new stamped concrete was installed to designate the entry path.

stryker_ws.jpgStryker Realignment Renovation (Fort ​Carson, CO)

A design-build project to renovate and update four existing buildings for the new Stryker Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division.  Three buildings were company operations facilities with supply and administrative spaces with five company bays per building.  The company supply and administrative buildings required only minor upgrade to be made suitable.  The fourth building was a battalion headquarters and required moderate renovations to be made useful.​​

harmon hall circle_ws.jpgHarmon Hall Circle Landscaping (U.S. Air Force Academy, CO)

The compass-inspired layout is indicative of the Academy's theology of the Polaris Star as a moral compass with the primary points oriented toward the four cardinal directions. These compass points and area in between are filled with Swan Columbine and Gypsy White Yarrow which flower in blue and white representative of the Air Force colors. The Columbine is a nod to the state flower of Colorado where the Academy is located.

va master plan_ws.jpgVeterans Affairs Medical Campus Master Plan (Phoenix, AZ)

Master planning and programming for various future projects at the Carl T. Hayden Veterans Affairs Medical Center that include developing a campus typology, improving vehicular and pedestrian access to the campus facilities, intentional placement of future buildings, and green space for the patients to use. These services are being rendered so that the Phoenix VA can continue to meet and exceed their patients growing needs within the community.

behavioral health_ws.jpgVA Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic (Phoenix, AZ)

A new 2-story, 20,000 square foot outpatient behavioral health clinic on the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center campus in Phoenix, Arizona.  The clinic includes outpatient and group therapy mental health services for veterans.  The building is designed to resist progressive collapse and to include blast mitigation in compliance with the VA's guidance on physical security.  The project is designed to meet a LEED-Silver level.

dla warehouse_ws.jpgDefense Logistics Agency Warehouse Repairs (Offutt AFB, NE)

A design-build project to repair multiple delapitated warehouse facilities by replacing wall and roof panels, insulation, and overhead doors while upgrading to radiant heaters and LED lighting.  Transluscent roof panels were installed for natural daylight.  Fire alarms and sprinklers were added as necessary, and the existing restrooms were brought up to code.  Rolling security grilles were installed at each overhead doorway to improve secuirty to the facilities.

bafb community park_ws.jpgAir Force Accessible Community Park (Buckley AFB, CO)

A design-build project to create a new community park near the site of the base chapel.  The park created zones of specialized play along with an interpretive path with benches that encircled the park.  The centralized feature was a raised platform and pergola.  The new play equipment was selected to stimulate creative play and connection to the natural environment while being fully accessible to children with disabilities.

vfw post_ws.jpgPat Hannon Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4666 (Littleton, CO)

TK-Architecture provided pro-bono services to develop a proposed design for upgrading the existing Pat Hannon VFW Post 4666 building in Littleton, Colorado.  The design team worked with the post members to identify needs and establish priorities that would revitalize and extend the usefulness of their building.  Renderings and presentation boards were prepared and gifted to the Post to assist with fund-raising efforts.

gonzales insurance_ws.jpgGonzales State Farm Insurance (Colorado Springs, CO)

When 1SG Carlos Gonzales (retired) transitioned from the Army National Guard to his civilian career as a State Farm Insurance agent, he had the goal of utilizing all veteran-owned businesses for the build-out of his office tenant space.  TK-Architecture worked with a limited budget and schedule for a design that was expedited through the plan review for a building permit.  Local suppliers were utilized, and stock and remnant materials were chosen to keep cost to a minimum.​

af playgrounds_ws.jpgAir Force Playgrounds (Peterson AFB, Buckley AFB, Offutt AFB)

A design-build effort to modify and upgrade existing playgrounds at several child development centers at various Air Force installations.  Existing playgrounds were updated with new play equipment, surfacing, and plantings.  New play environments are meant to stimulate creative play and connection with the natural envirornment while making the playground and equipment fully accessible for children with disabilities.

each sleep lab_ws.jpgEvans Army Hospital Sleep Study Lab (Fort Carson, CO)

A design-build project to renovate an existing space on the second floor of Evans Hospital to accommodate a new four-bedroom sleep study lab.  The lab includes private patient bedrooms, bathrooms, a tech monitoring station, and storage rooms.  Sound acoustics and noise isolation were key aspects of the design.  Interior finishes were selected based upon their sound absorbing qualities.  The project also included a white noise masking system.

pueblo tat_ws.jpgToxic Area Training Build-Out (Pueblo Army Chemical Depot, CO)

The design team modified an existing facility to house specialized equipment for training personnel involved with the chemcial destruction program at the Pueblo chemical storage depot.  The project included a large equipment training area, simulated decontamination rooms, medical support area, personal equipment preparation room, classroom training room, storage, and mechanical/electrical rooms. 


Other Project Experience:  (by Thomas J. Kapels while with another firm)

  • Evans Army Community Hospital, 4th & 5th Floor Alterations (Fort Carson) - LEED Silver
  • Special Operation Forces Battalion Operations Facility (Fort Carson) - LEED Silver
  • Warrior-in-Transition Battalion Headquarters (Fort Carson) - LEED SIlver
  • Warrior-in-Transition Company Headquarters (Fort Carson) - LEED Silver
  • Warrior-in-Transition Soldier Family Assistance Center (Fort Carson) - LEED Gold
  • Division HQ Band Training Facility (Fort Carson) - LEED Gold
  • RAIDRS Space Control Facility (Peterson AFB) - LEED Silver
  • Building 625 Restroom Renovation (Peterson AFB)
  • Historic Building 284 Renovation (FE Warren AFB)
  • Band Rehearsal Room Renovation (Buckley AFB)
  • Colorado Army National Guard Readiness Center Master Plan & Programming (COARNG)
  • Colorado Springs Armory Renovation (COARNG)
  • Pueblo Armory Renovation (COARNG)
  • Camp Ashland Site Improvements (NEARNG)
  • Colorado Dept of Corrections Perimeter Security Improvements