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TK-Architecture, LLC

Architecture is a social art in the creation of human interaction with the built environment while meeting the basic functional requirements of the user.  In the creation of the built environment of which no one is immune from experiencing, our obligation is to the society and greater community.  This extends past the traditional role of public health, safety, and welfare in the design of buildings, but includes the forming of spaces that promote interaction, self-identity, and community.

The practice of architecture is not solely public.  It is a professional service industry which must satisfy our obligations to individual clients.  Therefore, we strive to fully address the pragmatic challenges of cost control, quality, and schedule that are real to every project and client.


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Our belief is that the building and the site are really one and the same, that the two are inherently connected and cannot be separated.  One's experience of the  built environment does not end nor begin at the building envelope.  Sometimes the strongest expressions of our culture and who we are as a people is not a built element but a place, such as the National Mall in Washington D.C. or the Battlefield of Gettysburg.  It is for this reason that landscape architecture is an integral part of our practice and design philosophy.



Landscape Architecture, Colorado
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TK-Architecure, Interior Design, Colorado

Americans spend on average 90% of their time indoors.  We construct buildings that create indoor spaces.  The fundamental purpose of why buildings exist is to create interior spaces as shelter from the outdoors.  No one can dispute the importance of interior spaces and the influence they exert on our lives which is why interior design should be no less valued.  Building interiors is where we live, work, worship, play, socialize, entertain, heal, educate, and just about everything else in our lives.  The role interior design has is to enhance a space to better perform its purpose.


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TK-Architecture aims to fuse our company practices with sustainable design services, practicing what we preach at every level. We carry a responsibility to preserve and protect the environment simply because ensuring an energy-secure, health, and robust future is the right thing to do. In addition to our ethical commitment, we recognize that the market is shifting towards sustainability. Our clients demand projects that meet the High Performance and Sustainable Buildings requirements and triple-bottom-line initiatives, and we must reply with unsurpassed codes and executive orders create a baseline of efficiency requirements, we strive to lead the way with the ideal mix of fresh solutions and proven technologies.


TK-Architecture, Sustainability, Colorado
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