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TK-Architecture has been modeled around small successful team structures common to the Special Forces in the military.  Such teams form the operational units of the Special Forces (Green Berets), Navy Seals, and Army Rangers. These teams have consistent traits that are key to their operations and successful completion of their missions.  Many of these traits are transferable and applicable to the business world and are, more than ever, relevant to the new and changing business environment.



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Small businesses form the backbone of the American economy.  Small teams can be flexible, and quick to adapt to changes in the clients' needs, economic conditions, and practices within the profession.


Firms must be quick to adapt to the constantly changing conditions of the profession and the business climate.

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To continually service clients and all their needs, our team is be able to design multiple project types.  Individuals with the firm are multi-talented who are able to fulfill a variety of roles needed on a project.

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Providing a quality service that is a step-above-the-rest is a sure strategy for being set apart from the competition.

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