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10 Pivotal Moments in Company History – Recognizing and Embracing TKA’s Transitions & Growth

We all can relate to pivotal moments in our personal lives and career path. These pivotal moments are “very important; or critical in the growth and transition of life.” These precision points are big moments and little moments of clarity that provide us with new perspectives and opportunities to make effective changes in our career paths. There are some pivotal moments TKA has experienced over the past 10 years, that have helped shape and define who we are as a firm. These are examples where our firm has experienced positive developments like new responsibility, new employees, and even a shift in industry trends and project awards! Please take a moment to review the list and graphic below. We look forward to another successful decade of being in business and can’t wait to see what we add to the list in the meantime!

  1. – Started TK-Architecture, LLC - 2012

  2. – CVE Certified as an SDVOSB – 2012

  3. – 1st Govt Contract Awarded at Evans Army Community Hospital on Fort Carson, CO. - 2012

  4. – 1st Office Premises – Regus Office Space in Colorado Springs, CO - 2015

  5. – Employee Growth (reached up to 8 employees on staff) --- 2015

  6. – Contracts awarded reached an all-time high!! -- 2016

  7. – Hit 5 Years of Business - 2017

  8. – Reached over 1,000 followers on LinkedIn. – 2021

  9. – Started a YouTube channel – for TKA Academy, Promotional, and Project Videos - 2022

  10. – New Office Space to accommodate for 10+ employees - 2022

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