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2021 Company & Employee Award Recognition

Each year the SAME Pikes Peak Post, recognizes local firms who have achieved a goal, performed well, or exhibited behaviors that are worth awarding. This recognition is demonstrated through awards and plaques that are given to the awarded firms. In February of 2022, TK-Architecture was awarded three out of seven awards recognized at the SAME Pikes Peak Post monthly event. As a small business, we are thrilled to have closed out 2021 with multiple awards received. Thank you to our local partners and SAME members for voting for TK-Architecture and several employees for our hard work and determination. It's our pleasure to serve those who serve.

1. TK-Architecture was the recipient of the 2021 Robert B. Flowers Small Business Award for our firm's eminent contribution to SAME by a Small Business Sustaining Member.

2. Our President and owner, Thomas Kapels, won the 2021 Urbahn Medal. The SAME Urbahn Medal is named in honor of Max O. Urbahn, American Institute of Architects. The medal is awarded to an SAME member for distinguished performance in the field of architecture and the medal was first awa

rded in 1997. This year Tom was nominated for the Urbahn Medal based on his preeminence in architecture, especially in the state of Colorado. In addition, this post award allows Tom the opportunity to be selected for the Urbahn Medal on a National Level.

3. Lastly, our Marketing and Business Development Coordinator, Sarah Durst, received the Young Professional Medal for her outstanding leadership and accomplishments in support of the SAME mission, as well as her volunteer contribution to the SAME Pikes Peak's Post Communications Commitee.

As a whole, we are honored how much of an inspiring leadership team we hold, and we greatly appreciate the opportunities we have been given to demonstrate our company's skillset. We express this recognition with humble hearts and look forward to what 2022 has in store for TK-Architecture and our firm's team members. We extended a sincere thank you to our DoD, VA, and DoI clients and partners for this recognition!

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