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Celebrating 10 Years - New Office Makeover and Location

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Working within the A/E/C industry, I’m sure many of you know that new, modern office spaces allow for a variety of different work environments. Since moving into our new office location in November of 2021, TK-Architecture has focused immensely on the adequate planning and preparation to celebrate our 10-year anniversary.

Our new office has allowed us to significantly display the importance of our branding. The red theme of the office is a direct relationship to the firm’s branding with cherry red, charcoal, and cool grey. Red was chosen as TK-Architecture’s primary color because our founder, Tom Kapels, graduated from the University of Nebraska which has red in its colors (Go Big Red!) and because Tom also was a commissioned officer in the engineer branch of the U.S. Army, which has red as one of its designated colors.

In addition, we chose a space that would accommodate for extra capacity/employed staff, a quiet work environment, space for collaboration and socialization, as well as an encouraging and flexible layout. A variety in workspaces has been provided for small group work and collaboration, variety height desk and chairs for both sitting and standing work, spaces for casual relaxed work, as well as larger teamwork areas. The new office space provides workstations for 7 staff members with the ability to grow to 10. Dual-monitors, touch screens, and video-conference capabilities are included in workstations to improve staff production and efficiency. The entire local area network is controlled by a cloud/server hybrid system with Windows365 integration. We have set this up as a “smart” office with Amazon Alexa enabled devices that control routine processes such as office security (video cameras), maintenance (robot vacuums), intercoms, and miscellaneous systems such as powering on and off lights and devices.

In closing, we have also added some additional touches throughout the office in reference to our example set of standards that are on display at the center of our office. These have been developed to be the example of how TK-Architecture documents should be and establishes an effective precedence of standards for staff to follow. These are key to our quality control and assurance in our design documents. Please celebrate this office move and makeover with us by viewing the new images below or stop in anytime to say hello! We'd love to see you.

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