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CPARS Rating

For TK-Architecture, once a project is finished, the project manager and contracting officers still have a few tasks to complete. Many of these individuals hold a final meeting to evaluate what went well in a project and identify any project failures.

In the close-out process many areas of past performance are considered, which include how the project was initiated, planned, executed, and controlled. This is not necessarily to point out failures and successes, but rather to provide greater value through lessons learned for the entire team. By documenting lessons learned, this has allowed TK-Architecture and its teaming partners to record, maintain, and reuse insights on future projects.

As a consultant to the federal government, it is vital to receive either a Past Performance Review or CPARS rating that explores how a firm like TKA executed specific areas of a project such as quality, cost control, scheduling, management, safety, compliance, and several others.

Over the past 9 years of service, TK-Architecture has received over 30 Past Performance Reviews with an average "Excellent/Very Good" rating on projects. In addition, our most recent review took place on a project directly contracted by The Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA), where TKA received an exceptional CPARS Rating. We are thrilled to have received this review, and share this news with our followers!


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